19 November 2013

Few more for the Portfolio

 Here are a few more pieces for my portfolio for when I apply for Tattoo Apprenticeships.

These are all 11"x14",  Matt Bernson 2013


 Eyeball Monster with Swords, Ink & Watercolor on paper

Skull, Ink on paper

Portrait of Daughter, Graphite on paper

Dragon, Ink & Watercolor on paper

12 November 2013

Drawings of Anika done at the Democracy Center

 Here are some drawings that I did of Anika at the Democracy Center.   
Ink and watercolor on paper,  Matt Bernson 2013

These four at the top are 9"x12"

And below here the drawings are 11.69"x16.54"


Drawings of Maggie Maraschino & Ginny Nightshade done at Dr. Sketchy's Boston

Here're some drawings I did at Dr. Sketchy's Boston.
Ink and/or watercolor on paper, 11"x14", Matt Bernson 2013 

These are of Ginny Nightshade.

 This one is cropped to approx. 10"x10"

 The drawings below are of Maggie Maraschino.

And also, some drawings with both Ginny & Maggie.

08 November 2013

Church Commission

 I was asked to draw a church, so that it could be placed next to other drawings of past churches that have merged with it over time.  The reference photo is at the top.    Then there's my black & white inked version, and then the final version that I toned with Sepia ink.  


 Church, Ink on paper, 9"x12", Matt Bernson 2013

06 November 2013

The Red Handbook Sketchbook Upload

Here's most of what's in my current sketchbook, trying to keep busy.
Ink and/or watercolor on paper, 5"x8", Matt Bernson 2013