07 December 2012

Figure Drawings of Andrea

These're all 18"x24" figure drawings of Andrea from either Liz Sheppard's Print Studio or the MFA.   The clothed ones were done at the MFA Boston.   'Cause naked people in the galleries would shock mothers walking by with their 3-year-olds.

02 December 2012

Finished Self-Portrait

"Self-Portrait Square" Acrylic on Canvas  24"x24"  2012

After working on this for a few months, it feels good to finish it.  

16 September 2012

Latest Process Pic of Self-Portrait

I've been trying more Golden heavy body acrylics, and fine that I'm liking them more than I thought I did.  The first one I got was the Primary Yellow in a tube, but it seemed too runny to be heavy body.  That turned me off for a while, but then so many people seemed to prefer it.  When I asked an employee at Utrecht, she said that the yellows tend to be thinner than the other heavy body acrylics from Golden.   I've been enjoying the kind of transparency that I can get with the Bone Black and medium.  The Diarylide Yellow is a really warm color,  and I got a jar instead of a tube.  I'm glad that  I did because it seemed like it had separated a bit.  When I mixed it around, it became the consistency that I expected from a heavy body acrylic. 

19 August 2012

Dragon Lady, RAW, and thanks

"Dragon Lady"
Acrylic on canvas

Here's the painting that I brought to the RAW showcase 9 Aug 2012 at the Estate in Boston.   I was one of the RAW alumni there celebrating the Boston chapter's 1 year anniversary.   It has all been possible thanks to the amazing Faith Verrill who coordinates both the Boston and the New York chapters of RAW.   Thanks to everyone who took the time to look through my sketchbooks and for taking my card.  Also a special thanks to Dawn for introducing me to Stella.  

06 August 2012

RAW: Boston - Radiate

Here’s a process photo of the painting that I plan on bringing to RAW: Boston  Radiate this Thursday, August 9th at the Estate night club (1 Boylston Place) in Boston
The Estate is down the street from the Chinatown T stop on the Orange Line
The event is 7pm-10pm and 21+. $15 at the door or $10 in advance. 
 Get your ticket here http://www.rawartists.org/boston/radiate
 Cocktail attire means casually fancy. 

18x24" Sketchbook of figure drawings

30 July 2012

Drawings done at the Boston MFA

All of these drawings were done on 18"x24" paper.  Mostly graphite, also a bit o' grease pencil.