16 September 2012

Latest Process Pic of Self-Portrait

I've been trying more Golden heavy body acrylics, and fine that I'm liking them more than I thought I did.  The first one I got was the Primary Yellow in a tube, but it seemed too runny to be heavy body.  That turned me off for a while, but then so many people seemed to prefer it.  When I asked an employee at Utrecht, she said that the yellows tend to be thinner than the other heavy body acrylics from Golden.   I've been enjoying the kind of transparency that I can get with the Bone Black and medium.  The Diarylide Yellow is a really warm color,  and I got a jar instead of a tube.  I'm glad that  I did because it seemed like it had separated a bit.  When I mixed it around, it became the consistency that I expected from a heavy body acrylic. 

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