28 January 2013

Drawings from the Buttcracker

When I went to the Buttcracker, I did about one drawing per act.  Each of them are 4"x6", and I scanned certain ones together. 

Here's a few of Johnny Blazes.
First, singin' about bums (as part of a choir).  
Next, I have Spider-man underwear, too.
Don't forget the Sugar Bum Fairy.

It was my first time seeing Essence Revealed, and she rocked some butt-tassels.   

Jane Doe, Katya, and Caleb Cole

Here's a couple o' dudes I drew before the show started.  

 Here's Madge of Honor hosting the show (Johnny Blazes is hiding in the snow).

Here's Madge's butt.

Strawberry Creampie wigglin' her booty.  

Robyn Whyte reading some of her erotic poetry.  Also, asian dude (forgot name, sorry) read some stories that were butt-related.

27 January 2013


Madame Psychosis at Dr. Sketchy's Boston

Here are some drawings of Jade Sylvan AKA Madame Psychosis that I did at Dr. Sketchy's Boston a while ago.  She's a pretty good poet/rapper, so if you're into that, check out her stuff.  She's got some albums out, I think you can download them on bandcamp.

Lilly Bordeaux at Dr. Sketchy's Boston

These are drawings of Lily Bordeaux that I did at Dr. Sketchy's in Boston a while ago.

7"x10" ink and watercolor on paper 2012 (c) Matt Bernson