01 November 2010

Painting the figure, Godzilla, and a skeleton too.

Painting alla prima = Battling the mud

Alla prima, meaning, I try to get the painting in done in a couple o' hours.  No time to wait for it to dry.  Just keep sloppin' that paint on, and if it don't work, take it off and try again.
It's best just to get it right the first time.  Look real hard before you put down that paint.  Really.
Painting the figure in oil is a challenge I enjoy.

Oil on canvasboard. 20"x24"

Oil on canvasboard. 20"x24"

Oil on canvasboard. 16"x20"

Oil on canvasboard. 20"x24"


Oil on canvas.  10"x40"

Oil on plastic appetizer plate.  14" 'round.

Oil on canvas. 24"x24"

Oil on canvasboard.   20"x24"

Oil on canvas.  18"x32"

Below are some paintings of Godzilla, all in oil.  The top two are on canvasboard, and the bottom one is on an oval canvas.  From top to bottom, sizes are 20"x24", 16"x20", and 20"x24".
Oil on canvasboard.  20"x24" 

Oil on canvasboard.  16"x20"

Oil on canvas. 20"x24"

To those who ask me if I'll ever stop painting Godzilla, I say, "No.  Never!"

Not just because it's in time for Halloween, more importantly, I just like skeletons.  This is the first of a series that I plan on doing.
Acrylic on unstretched canvas.  Approx. 8"x20"

Acrylic on canvasboard.  16"x20"

Acrylic on canvas.  8"x10"

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