30 January 2012

Thinking about tattooing

It's been half a year since I graduated from MassArt as a double major in animation and painting, but still not working in my field.   I haven't done a lot of Flash, and it seems to be my best hope for getting paid for 2D animation.   I've been wondering though, if that's really the kind of thing that I'd like to do.   Animating in flash doesn't generally involve much drawing, it's usually more button-pressing.

One of the things that I like about drawing is the pen-to-paper feel, which is missing from digital work.   A tablet doesn't scratch that itch for me.   One way to think about tattooing is that it's drawing with color on a "traditional" surface.   That seems to make more and more sense for me the more I think about it.   Although my work tends to be looser, I've been given numerous compliments on the strength of my line and use of color.  

Any tattooers out there with advice for me?

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