27 January 2014

Drawings of Madge of Honor from Dr. Sketchy's Boston

Drawings of Madge of Honor at Dr. Sketchy’s Boston.
 She’s prob’ly my favorite burlesque model at Dr. Sketchy’s, not just ‘cause she’s hot, but also ‘cause she’s dedicated to her art-form.   I mean, who else would bring an actual heart on stage and rip it in half with her bare hands?   I also remember a time when she covered herself in eggs, flour, and sugar to personify sweetness (with cupcake pasties?)
She designed her various outfits around female archetypes, like the Madonna, the Nude, and the Evil Queen.  (The top three)
Ink & watercolor on paper
The top three are A3 size (11.69”x16.54”).
The ones below that are all 11"x14".
Matt Bernson 2014

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